Medicosch software

Introduction to the Software:

Since its inception in 2009, MEDICOSCH has primarily been dental software that was designed and developed by practitioners, for practitioners. MEDICOSCH comes in one version, which can be configured as you so require. In order to give you an initial insight into the numerous MEDICOSCH features, we have elected to show you some screenshots of the software. Just click on the topic that interests you in order to view it.

Are you looking for software that efficiently manages your firm’s schedules while enabling you to optimise your time? Learn how MEDICOSCH can meet your requirements.

  • iconset-01Be it a daily or weekly timetable, Agenda is a genuine tool for managing your appointments.
  • iconset-02The innovative Dental Schedule Module was custom developed. It is compatible with your devices’ digital images.
  • iconset-03An extensive list of approved medicines is available to you.
  • There is independent accounting management, without you having to call in a specialist. EASY & FUN
  • iconset-05The SMS module was designed to reduce your appointments cancellations and churn.
  • iconset06-06A simple and dynamic History module consolidates all patient data